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  • Conducting analyses (through mappings, qualitative data analyses, quantitative research and analysis etc.) and developing policy recommendations

  • Conceptualizing study designs, evaluations as well as other means of research design; drafting publications and reports

  • Topical focus on human security, the women, peace & security agenda, and feminist foreign policy


  • Reviewed a ten-part publication series presenting a citizen-centered security needs analysis regarding security sector reform in Syria, as affiliated expert with Lanosec

  • Advised Agora Strategy Group’s government clients through policy papers; conducted political analyses for business and governmental decision-makers (approx. 40 analyses p.a. on security policy, political developments affecting business climate etc.)

  • Project lead of a 100-pages-conference report with over 20 high-level partners from politics, civil society, academia and the private sector


  • Designing programs, political dialogue and discourse formats

  • Managing all phases of the project management cycle, including formulation of strategic milestones, budgeting/profitability, team lead, stakeholder management, monitoring & evaluation



  • Developed the new policy field energy security at the Munich Security Conference (MSC), designed MSC Energy Security Roundtables in Istanbul, Baku and at the annual MSC

  • Initiated and won a call for tender by the European Parliament for a five-year project for foreign policy expertise with Agora Strategy Group


  • Identifying strategy needs (goals, challenges, target audience etc.); developing, implementing and evaluating strategies (timeline, milestones, roadmap etc.) 

  • Designing and conducting strategy workshops for management and project teams


  • Developed a strategy to diversify and internationalize the brand of a European foundation, considering operations, human and financial resources, and milestones for evaluation

  • Complemented a client's regional market entry strategy with a strategic political due diligence and country analyses on conditions affecting business and investment climate


  • Advising on business strategies and product development

  • People management (HR planning, recruiting, staffing, development, employer branding)


  • Developed and established a comprehensive HR concept with Agora Strategy Group

  • Opened up public tenders as a new business sector for Agora Strategy Group and set up operations as well as a global network of high-level experts and institutional partnerships


  • Implementing target group specific communication towards public, political decision-makers or civil society

  • Designing and conducting advocacy, engagement and communication strategies


All services can be implemented as a standalone consulting service, or set-up as a (peer) coaching mechanism accompanying a manager, team or organization in their handling of operations.

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